Jawed Habib Celebrity hair stylist & founder, Jawed Habib hair & beauty Pvt. Ltd.

About a century ago, Mr. Nazir Ahmed used to give haircuts to very prominent personalities of our country. He was the official barber to the President of India. He also used to cut the hair of Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India. In independent India, there were other luminaries like Dr. Zakir Hussain, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and other dignitaries who he serviced. Then a few decades ago there were barbers who would cut men’s hair. Then there were beauticians who would give all services to female clients including their hair cuts. Conventionally, barbers would be male and beauticians, the female members of our society. A term like hair styling was unheard of. The shackles of this norm going around in the society were loosened to a certain extent by Mr. Habib Ahmed, the pioneer of female hairstyling in India. He was also the impaneled hairstylist for the who’s who of India including Dr. A P J Kalam.

A revolution was waiting to come in the form of the eldest grandson of Mr. Nazir Ahmed and son of Mr. Habib Ahmed; Jawed Habib. Taking the 100 years old legacy forward, awed by the working activities and inspiration received from his grandfather and father, Jawed Habib set his foot in the Hair and Beauty industry in 1988. He received formal training on hairstyling techniques and professions from a famous school in London-Morris Masterclass. In the last 35 years, Jawed Habib has set up a huge business empire that is already making a difference in the lives of the hundreds of business associates, thousands of employees and millions of customers. He has set up 800 plus salons and training academies in 24 states and 110 cities across India. The brand Jawed Habib is constantly gaining momentum by adding new brands and ideologies to its business. He has managed the explosive growth through careful attention to customer satisfaction and quality assurance. His skills, aesthetic sensitivity, and solid expertise helped him understand the needs of the growing Indian market.

During this journey he has crossed various milestones and won accolades from different sections. He has been honored for his work and contribution to the Hair industry by certain coveted organizations like IIM, Vishakhapatnam, Punjab Police, Navjyoti India Foundation, Times Group, Ministry of Minorities Affairs, etc.

With constant innovation, Jawed Habib has transformed the total outlook of the barber’s profession. The constructive use of education and experience has led to the change in which the people look upon the barber’s profession today. Hence started the journey of a major transformation – from Barber to Hair Stylist to Creative Stylist to Hair Expert!

One of the major contributions of Jawed Habib is a scientific technique with which the hair has to be styled. He not only introduced these techniques in his own business sphere but determined to educate others also who were associated with hair business. He has spread the branches of his hair academies to the locations outside his home location, New Delhi. Through these academies, he could easily reach the hair professionals who were hungry to learn more. These academies produced budding Jawed Habib and some of the professionals have accomplished unexpected milestones through his education.

Jawed also realized that everyone could not afford the cost of the training. He conducted thousands of one-day seminars through which lakhs of hair professionals were introduced to these techniques at affordable prices. These learned professionals would then implement the techniques in their respective business zones and bring smiles to their respective clients.

Another important outcome of these academies is employment generation. The deserving trainees who pass out from JH academies are straight away absorbed into the JH chain of salons, thereby providing means of earning the livelihood along with respect in the society to thousands of people.

In order to break various myths related to hair and provide hair education in a structured manner, Jawed Habib has authored 5 books which give the readers the insight of hair profession and hair care. These books have today become a prized possession for those who are associated with the hair profession. He has also introduced training through VCDs which keep refreshing the viewers about the hairstyling techniques.

Jawed Habib also worked very closely with the present government in its skill development through National Skill Development Program, Ministry of Minority Affairs and others. Thousands of unemployed youth were trained and certified in Hair Styling techniques.

Jawed Habib has always given importance to education. He believes that nothing can be achieved without education. Education can change any profession. Serving as an example by himself through a focus on perfecting his skills and constant improvement, he has proved it in his zone of expertise – The Hair Styling. Jawed says, “With education, skills are acquired. By practicing skills, professionals are created. These professionals are better equipped to understand the client’s requirements. A happy client brings respect to the hair professional. A respected hair professional elevated the hair profession. The day is not far when the hair industry will actually be treated as an industry, at par with all other businesses. I am sure that as the hair grows, my industry will also outgrow other industries!”

Having brought education to his forte in Hair Styling industry and creating a difference to the lives of thousands of barbers and hair professionals, who mostly come from the lower the economic segment, Jawed Habib now intends to deepen the roots of their economic up-lifting. By joining conscientious politics Jawed would be socially oriented to make this impact in the lives of lakhs of his followers and their family members.

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