Bhuwan Bhhaskar Managing Director, Kainos Global

Mr. Bhuwan Bhhaskar is a Healthcare, Wellness, IT, Communications & Logistics Entrepreneur and Angel Investor with a keen interest and acute focus on Preventive Health & Wellness and 'HTRTM - Healthcare Technologies for Remote Treatment Management'. He heads an India - South Korea partnership wellness venture - Kainos Global and also currently owns and manages a chain of 4 successfully running centres, exclusively for the treatment of Burns – Burn & Trauma Research Center (BTRC).

Under his HTRTM model of Burns management - BTRC Technet, he and his team, plan to establish a one of a kind, tech-enabled network of 12 super-specialty tertiary burn care centres working in tandem with 144 satellite burn centres spread across the country. He is already in a pilot stage using his centers for learnings to improve and modify the BTRC Technet mechanism to be able to bring out a working model by September 2018.

He consults several entities in the aspects of Marketing, Communication, UI/UX and IT and has also Angel Funded a few of them:

Angel Investor & UI/UX Consultant: Props AMC (Property Crow Services Pvt. Ltd.)

IT & Communications Consultant: India Virtual Hospital (Virtual Medicare Concierge Pvt. Ltd.)

IT & Communications Consultant: TrustDoc Second Opinion Services.

A few of his other interests that he has converted into successfully running businesses are:

Serotonin Plus - A dedicated and comprehensive communication solution provider for the Food, Healthcare & Nutrition industry.

Loadmaal Info Logistics Pvt. Ltd. – Loadmaal is the one and only android and ios mobile application, which caters exclusively to the age old Agent - Driver association in the logistic and surface transport industry in india.

Studio Boerboel - A collaborative studio arrangement where several restless creative minds (software and web/mobile application development, print, electronic, outdoor & activation) get together and churn out creative projects for several businesses and start-ups.

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